Using Your Blog Like Social Media: A Great Way Too Grow

Over the course of time I have created about 25 blogs, and websites. I’ve Invested money in about 5, and invested a great deal of time in about 7 of them. The others I’m saving for when I can officially afford to invest greatly in them.

In my blogging adventure I have noticed several things, but the thing that stuck out the most to me was the fact that the msot successful blogs, and sites (both the ones I’ve had myself, and the ones of other peoples I’ve seen) are ones that get personal.

My quickest growing blog was this one called HS1DAY. Yes it was successful, and I don’t doubt that if I had kept it up that it would be at 1,000 followers by now. But eventually I lost the passion, so I just moved my followers to my site

HS1DAY, His Story 1 Day (HS1DAY) At A Time (HS1DAYAAT Wouldnt work so I shortened it) was where I simply made one 2-3 Paragraph post daily on how my day went.

It shot up in subscribers quickly, and just kept growing. But I lost the passion, so I quit.

Then again the same thing happened with my site C-Forum which is basically the same thing as HS1DAY, which I do currently uphold. Every post gains me 3-5 followers. I’ve only made about 5 posts by now.

The Story To Be Learned…

People like people. The good stories, the bad ones, etc. Just post on your blog like you would on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and you could rise to prominence in the Blogosphere.


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